Always Accept Your Mistake

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The story:

There was an eight year old boy. His name was Krushna. He was a student of Class-5. His teacher gave the class some homework every day. Krushna used to reach home from school about 4 o’ clock. He would eat his lunch, and finish his homework. As usual, oneday Krushna returned from his school. He saw that his cousin, Radha, had come to play with him. He was overjoyed to see her.

Krushna played with Radha the whole day long. He forgets to do his homework. The next day, His teacher asked Krushna, “Why have not you done your homework?” Krushna kept quiet for a moment. Then suddenly he thought of an excuse. He said, “I had a fever, Madam.” The teacher believed him. She excused him.

Krushna felt a little sad. As the bell for the recess period rang, he webt out and sat under a tree. He was very quiet and sad. It seemed as if he was in deep thought. He said to himself, “Krushna, you told a lie this morning. You could also have said that you were playing with Radha. had the teacher been angry, you could have felt sorry. Had she punished you, you should have accepted the punishment.”

It was the voice of his mind. Krushna listened to it very carefully. Then he got up and went to his teacher. “Yes, Krushna, what do you want?” asked the teacher. Krushna could not utter a word. Tears rolled down his cheeks. The teacher said, “Krushna, what makes you weep?”

Krushna replied, “Madam, I did not do my homework. When you asked me why I had not done my homework, I told a lie. I was not sick, Madam. I kept playing the whole day. Please excuse me.” The teacher said, “You have accepted your mistake. Now the lie you had told has changed into the truth.” After a while, the teacher rang up his father. She related the incident to his father, and said, “I am glad to say that your son is a promising child.”

Moral of the story:

  • If we confess our fault, we are truthful.
  • We should never be afraid of telling the truth.
  • Truth is another name for God.
  • If you tell a lie, then think: “I told a lie out of fear. Some day the lie would become known.
  • Then I would feel much more miserable. I must, therefore, always speak the truth.

Your Task:

Have you ever told a lie and then admitted your mistake?

Thank You.

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