Change your attitude and change your life

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Attitude is everything. A human being becomes the person as per his attitude. This is an internal factor but it regulates all the external factors. But there is a negative and positive attitude. A negative attitude can destroy the person while a positive one can take you to the top of success. Let’s discuss a story about a man having a negative attitude and how he receives everything.

The Story:

Once there lives a man, who was very lazy. He always found ways to feed himself in the easiest ways. He was always looking for shortcuts and when found one used that and lived again in that lazy way.

One day he was passing by a big farm and saw a tree full of fruits. So he made his mind to get fruits from there. He climbed the tree. The owner of the farm saw it and ran towards him. The man noticed it and ran into the forest after getting down from the tree.
while traveling in the forest, he saw a fox who had two legs. He felt pity and thought about how it could survive in this condition. He thought about how could the fox get its food and save itself from other animals. Then a lion came carrying a piece of meat in its mouth. He climbed a tree and observed what would happen next.

All the other animals ran in different directions after getting the sense of lion. But the fox couldn’t run. The man was watching. The lion saw the fox and instead of killing it, it felt pity and dropped the piece of meat then walked away.

After watching all this, the man thought that this was God’s plan. As we all were the creatures of Him, He must have plans for all. So, he decided that God must had a plan for him also. So, he went to a tree and sat under it and waited for someone like the lion. But he found nothing.
So, he moved from there to a saint and told him all the incidents. Then the saint replied to him that we are the creatures of God. He had a plan for all. But God didn’t want him to be like the fox, instead HE wanted him to be like the lion.

Moral of the Story:

Your negative attitude can destroy you. Change your attitude, change your life. Make your attitude positive. May God has bigger plans for you can imagine.


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