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All of us get angry over petty things. Your younger brother is playing. You ask him to get out of your room because you want to be alone to study. He does not go. You get angry and scold him. You are playing badminton. One of you starts losing the match. The loser becomes angry with the referee. He throws his racket in anger. Your examinations are over. You do not get good marks. Your mother says, “You should work hard. Why do you keep playing the whole day?” You do not like this advice from your mother. You are angry and go away from there without saying a word.

Two men are sitting in a bus. They are discussing something. Both of them have different views. Both of them get angry and start quarrelling with each other. They create a scene. People laugh at them. Sometimes people get so angry that they even start hitting each other. Anger makes them behave like mad men. When things quieten down, they feel that it was bad of them to have lost their temper.

All of us know that anger is bad. In life, we may face defeat or victory. We may pass or fail in the examination. Rather than being sad or angry, we should improve by working hard. All religions preach that we should have patience with those who do not think as we do.

The Story:

Here is an interesting incident from the story of Mahabharata.

Guru Dronachraya was the teacher of the Pandav brothers. The first lesson that Guru Dronachraya thought to the Pandavas was, “Control your anger”. The next day he asked the princes if they had learned the lesson he had thought the previous day. Yudhishthira, the eldest of the five Pandavs, said, “Gurudev, I have not yet been able to learn the lesson.” But all the other princes replied that they had learnt the lesson.

Every day the Guru asked the same question. Yudhishthira gave the same reply. one day the Guru became so furious that he beat his disciple, Yudhishthira, with a stick. Yudhishthira calmly tolerated the torture of the beating. His anger wanted to win him over but he controlled it. At last, when he did not get angry after being beaten mercilessly, he said, “Gurudev, now I have learned the lesson because I did not get angry even after receiving such furious beating.” The Guru was surprised. He said to Yudhishthira, “You will be a great man one day. You practice what I teach. You don’t just repeat things like others.”

What does this story show? It is difficult to control anger. But, If we learn to be tolerant and keep a calm mind in difficult times, we can surly win over anger.

Moral of The Story:

  • We must learn to control our temper and stay calm.
  • We should not get angry or sad if we fail once.
  • We should work harder to improve ourselves.
  • We must avoid saying or doing bad things in anger.
  • Once our temper cools down, we regret what we said or did.

Your Work:

Have you ever forgiven anyone who has hurt you. Narrate the incident.

Thank You.

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