Digital marketing – Is it a good career?

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In this 21st century, everyone is very much acquainted with the world of the internet. Mostly every work is done through the internet nowadays. All the works which are done through the internet have become easier and smooth. So every sector is moving towards the internet. That’s why the marketing industry is also moving towards the internet, which is called online marketing or digital marketing. As many youths are interested in this sector and wanted to make their career out of it, let’s discuss it.

Meaning of digital marketing:

The name itself indicates that the marketing which is done through the internet or digitally is called digital marketing. In other words, digital marketing means the marketing that uses the internet by the use of digital technologies such as smartphones, computers, laptops, and other digital media platforms. With the help of digital marketing, you can promote your products or services.

Marketing based on the internet with the use of digital technology is DIGITAL MARKETING.

Founder of digital marketing:

In the 1990s the term DIGITAL MARKETING was introduced. In 1971 Ray Tomlinson sent his first email. This technology set the platform to allow people to send and receive files through different machines. It was the turning point for today’s digital marketing. So basically we may tell that Ray Tomlinson was the founder of digital marketing.

Why digital marketing is important?:

As we all know that doing traditional business in today’s world is very competitive. With the help of digital marketing, one can reach its customers globally. Directly or indirectly it can help to increase the number of customers for a business. The more the number of customers the more the business profit volume. Indirectly it helps in increasing the profit of the business. As digital marketing is also a form of marketing it requires funds for its operation. No doubt fund is required but it is very cost-effective as compared to traditional marketing. In traditional marketing, the business owners spent a lot of money on marketing their products and services. They have to do marketing according to the area or according to the people which may lead to expensive to them and they also required a lot of manpower also. They have to give advertisements for their products and services on the T.V or in newspapers, which adds some extra cost to their budgets. And it directly put an impact on the price hike of their products and services. – Digital marketing

In the case of digital marketing, one person can manage all the works by himself if he wants. Here the expense of the manpower decreases. To carry out your digital marketing work you need only a computer or a laptop with an internet connection and most importantly the digital marketing skills which you can learn from the internet very easily. As today’s people are very much addicted to the internet there is no need of giving ads on the T.V or in any newspapers, if you want then you can give. The simple solution to this is to give ads of your products and services on the field of internet which is more effective in today’s world. And the good thing is it costs lesser than the traditional advertisement method. You can create your brand loyalty by allowing your customers to know you personally with the help of digital marketing.

Is Digital Marketing a good career?:

As a result, nowadays everything becomes digital and people love the digital way of doing any work. It saves a lot of time, energy, money, and many other useful components. Because of this, the interest in digitalization increases day by day among everyone. As everything becomes digital it would be a smart move to build your career digitally. In simple words, digital marketing is a futuristic career. In the last few years, there is rapid growth in the digital marketing sector. According to a survey, five out of ten marketing jobs require some digital marketing skills to carry out their work process. Also, it is estimated that in the future millions of digital marketing jobs will be available for which there aren’t enough digital professionals available to do that jobs in today’s time period. You can also refer to any job portals to find out the growth chart of the scope of digital marketing.

The work of a digital marketing job does not create physical tiredness. It all depends on your skills, techniques, and creativity. Generally, the work of digital marketing is completely a mind game. The more you engage your mind the more wonderful results you get. This work is very much enjoyable. You can do it from anywhere with the help of a laptop and an internet connection. There are a lot of career options in the digital marketing platform, like – you can do a job in a company with your digital skills, you can work as a freelancer for yourself by staying at the home, you can provide digital marketing services to your clients, you can form an agency based upon digital marketing services with some people and many more. By seeing the drastic growth in the digital marketing sector you can definitely choose it as your career and yes, DIGITAL MARKETING is a good career to start.

Digital marketing v/s traditional marketing:

In the comparison of these two types of marketing each of them has its potentials in its own way. None of them are bad or outdated. In some cases, digital marketing can not be applied where traditional marketing can play a very important role in the field of business and vice versa. Yes, according to today’s digital world, digital marketing takes a major part in marketing compared to traditional marketing. Everyone wants to take their business to the internet and digital marketing helps them to do so. The actual difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is the medium to reach its audience. Traditional marketing uses traditional media like newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, etc while digital marketing uses digital media such as websites, social media, etc.

Traditional marketing:

With the help of traditional marketing, you can market your products or services in your local areas only. If you want to market your products or services in different places of the country then it may costs you higher. In traditional marketing, you may not be dependent on a single source of advertisements. Like you have to give advertisements for your products or services in newspapers, on the T.V, in local magazines, by giving pamphlets, with the help of posters and hoardings, etc. All these sources of advertisement may be not able to fit your pocket. If you are a beginner in any business, you can not afford marketing budgets for your products or services in traditional marketing. Due to this expensive marketing, your products’ price may also increase, which may not fit the customer’s pocket. In this type of marketing your targeted audience are very few. You can target the customers of your area or your town or the places nearby your town, not more than that. – marketing

Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is the easiest way of marketing nowadays with very minimum effort as compared to traditional marketing. Digital marketing gives you the scope to market your products or services across the globe by sitting in one place. You can operate all your work single-handedly with the help of a computer or laptop connected to an internet connection. Here to advertise or market your products you only need a social media account or a website or a YouTube channel. You can get a social media account and a YouTube channel free of cost while you have to spend a little amount on building websites. There are many digital marketing strategies are available with the help of which you can boost your marketing to the next level. Some of the examples of digital marketing strategies are SEO, SEM, SMM, Email marketing, etc. You can learn all these yourself only from the internet. As compared to traditional marketing it is very cost-effective, less effort, profitable, less risky, the bigger base of customers, and you can spread your business worldwide. Because of some digital features, you can identify which age group of people are following you. According to that, you can get brand promotions which will add some extra revenues to you. – Digital marketing

Jobs of digital marketing:

The digital marketing sector is booming day by day. As it is a booming industry the jobs for it also increases day by day. Today’s digital world provokes people to accept and follow digital marketing in a positive way and it is very easy and helpful also. So people are also accepting it and widely use it. Because almost everyone uses it that’s why to provide them a good service many digital marketing jobs arise. As digital marketing is a vast chapter, it has many pages which require many people to maintain it. And every portion has equal value in its own field. To fulfill all the needs many jobs arise and some of those are mention below.

1. Digital marketer

A digital marketer is one who manages all the stuff of digital marketing on his own. Basically, it is just a start-up-based work where the person who started the start-up has to manage all the things by himself only. – online marketing

2. Search engine marketing manager / web manager:

SEM (Search engine marketing ) is the process of gaining traffic to the website. It involves the promotion of websites through paid advertisements. This increases the visibility of websites on search engine result pages. The person who manages all these works is called a search engine marketing manager or a web manager.

3. SEO manager / SEO specialist:

Search engine optimization is commonly known as SEO. SEO is simply the process, through which your web pages rank higher in search engines such as Google. Through this process, you can get organic traffic to your website from the search engine result pages from all over the World. The job of an SEO manager is to find out the proper and exact keywords by conducting research on the content and they have to be perfect about the tracking tools like google analytics and more. – SEO

4. Social media manager:

The work of a social media manager is not only to handle the social media handles but also to create and maintain the brand promotion of a company. He also conducts marketing campaigns for the company across several social media. All the works related to social media they have to perform like updating regular posts by working with the designers or content creators, building more numbers of engagements, reacting to the trends, monitoring the analytics and etc. – social media

5. Content marketer:

The main job of a content marketer is to attract new users and retain existing customers online. This Marketing technique involves the creation and distribution of relevant, valuable, consistent content. Despite all these, he has to grab the attention of the customers and generate leads, engage an online community of users, Increase online sales by expanding the customer base, etc. There are many types of content marketers like –

  • Blog content marketers
  • Video content marketers
  • Infographic content marketers
  • Social Media content marketers
  • Podcast content marketers

6. Analytics manager:

In simple words, the work of an analytics manager is to analyze the information and the behavior of visitors to a website. He has to create several effective strategies to collect data for their products as well as their organization. Moreover that he has to conduct research and implement the analytics solutions for their products. – analytics

7. Web developer:

Web developer means a person or a developer who creates a website. They are responsible for the technical aspects of a website like its performance, speed, capacity, any type of bug fixing, and many more.

8. Web designer:

Web designer means a person or a developer who designs a website. They are responsible for the look of the website for designing the layout. It also includes the visual appearance and the usability of the website.

Advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing:

Everything in this world contains both advantages and disadvantages. So digital marketing has also some advantages as well as disadvantages also. So let’s discuss some of these.

Advantages of digital marketing:

Some of the benefits of digital marketing are:

  • It is very cost-effective. As compared to traditional marketing it costs very low to the marketer.
  • It will help you to build and maintain brand promotion.
  • You can fetch your real-time results at any time.
  • Digital marketing has a huge return on investment which matters a lot to a business.
  • You can reach your customers anywhere across the globe. It is a global reach platform with a small investment.
  • You can track your results at the same time of your work.
  • It will adjust anytime according to your convenience and your customer’s preferences. It does not require any paperwork like traditional marketing.
  • It can help you to compete with a large corporation.
  • Digital marketing will help you to build customer loyalty and reputation.
  • You can get a targeted audience where you can play ads and promotes products or services according to their preferences which they are looking.
  • If you have different segments in your products or services you can do customer segmentation.
  • You can engage with your audience at any time and regularly.

Disadvantages of digital marketing:

Some of the downsides of digital marketing are:

  • Digital marketing is a very time-consuming process. The advertisement campaigns and creating contents take a lot of time.
  • If you want to be successful in digital marketing then you have to be skilled in it and the workers also have to be skilled very much and well trained.
  • Sometimes maybe you can face privacy and security issues.
  • As you know nowadays everyone is moving to digital marketing that’s why the competition in digital marketing is very high.
  • Still, there are some areas where there is no internet or very slow internet. In those remote areas, digital marketing has no use.
  • Without the internet, digital marketing has no existence.
  • As customer complaint and feedback is visible to all public, one single negative feedback can destroy your brand reputation. It may be a disadvantage for digital marketing.


In final words, digital marketing is a very good profession or career to do in this 21st century. Moreover, there are many numbers of jobs that are going to create in digital marketing in near future. You can find a lot of millionaires or successful digital marketers on the internet. And yes, you definitely get success in digital marketing if you work hard on it. After all, digital marketing is a good career.

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