Do Not Be Selfish

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Don't be Selfish-

The Story:

Raj has a storybook. This book was presented to him by his father on his birthday. Raj’s younger sister, Mili, asked him, “Brother may I read this book for a day?” Raj said, “No!” and picked up the book at once. Was it proper on Raj’s part to have behaved in this way? Mili went straight to their mother and said, “Mamma, Raj is not giving me the book. I want to read it for a day. “

Mother said, “Raj don’t be selfish. A selfish person lives for himself only. We can not live by ourselves in this big world. Your father works hard for all of us. Suppose he becomes selfish and spends all the money on himself. Will, you then have a good house to live in, good clothes to wear, and good food to eat?” After a few days, Mili got a tin of toffees as a prize for standing first in her class. Mili gave those toffees to everybody in the house. Here was a chance for the mother to sell something to Raj. She said, “Raj, do you see how Mili has behaved? Mili did not eat all the toffees herself. She is not selfish.” Raj felt sorry and said, “Mamma, please excuse me. I will give up being selfish.”

Then Mother told the children a story:

Once upon a time, in the marketplace, there was a big stone lying in the middle of the road. There was always the danger of anyone stumbling over it, but nobody ever thought of pushing it aside. People used to pass from either side of the stone.

One day a young man passed by the stone. He said to himself, “This stone can lead to an accident and can cause serious injury to anyone.” He pushed the heavy stone to the side of the road. To his surprise, he saw a small pit under the stone. In the pit there lay a little metal box. On it was written- ‘This metal box belongs to him who removes this stone from here.’

The young man opened the metal box. There was a gold ring inside! The king had purposely got the box and the stone placed there to test his subjects. Ponder over this incident. Why did the young man pick up the stone? Did he do it for himself only? No. He removed it for the convenience of others. We should also care for others as much as we do for ourselves. We must never be selfish and think about ourselves alone.

God has blessed us with a loving heart. We should share this love with all the persons who need it.

Moral of the story:

  • A selfish person thinks about himself only.
  • Such a person is not respected by anyone.
  • An unselfish person always cares about others first.
  • He is respected by all. Such a person has many friends.
  • So, let’s learn to share and care for all.

Always Remember:

  • “Selfish people live only for themselves.” Discuss.
  • Narrate an incident where you shared with others or showed unselfish behavior.

Thanks you.

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