Do Not Speak And Think Ill Of Others

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The Story:

The results of the annual examination were out. Children came back home after the results were announced. Sarah also came jome. She had stood second in her class.

Her mother asked Sarah “What is your position in the class?”

Sarah replied, “I have stood second in my class.”

Mother said, “And who also stood first?”

“Anne,” replied Sarah.

Mother said, “She is a hard-working girl. I should go to her house to congratulate to her mother.”

Sarah said, “But Mamma, she copied.”

Mother asked, “Did she?”

“Yes Mamma,” said Sarah, “the teacher too was more than fair to her because she is related to her.”

Mother said, “Sarah, I do not like your speaking ill for others. If your daddy hears this, he would feel very bad. He will think you have a narrow mind.”

Sarah said, “But I am telling the truth, Mamma.”

“Did you see her coping?” asked mother.

“No, I didn’t. That is what others say,” answer Sarah.

Mother said, “Then listen to me. You are speaking ill of Anne only because she stood first. Had you stood first, you would never have spoken in this way. Am I right?”

Sarah kept quiet.

Mother continued, “All are not like. While some are rich, others are poor. While some have good clothes to wear, others do not have enough clothes. There are students who work hard and pass the examination with good marks. But there are others who don’t even pass. Nobody in this world should feel jealous of others if one lags behind in any way. We should learn to be glad at the good luck of others.”

Sarah was still quiet. It seemed as if she was feeling sorry for her behavior. Mother said, “This time Anne fared better than you did. You should work hard to stand first next time. It is no use blaming Anne.”

Sarah said, “I am sorry, Mamma. I should not have said these words.”

Mother said, “Remember, do not speak ill of others. Also, do not listen to the person speaking ill of others. That is what the three monkeys of Gandhiji say.”

Moral Of The Story:

  • God lives in each one of us. So, if we speak ill of others, we speak ill of God.
  • We should not feel jealous of others.
  • We should learn to be glad for the achievements of others.
  • If you lag behind in something, you should not blame others but work harder to fare better next time.

Thank You.

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