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Introduction :

The essence of all religions is same . Almost every religious preacher has ordained that love is supreme and that is why it is believed that one cannot have true love for the creator, if he does not love his creation. Hence, religions begin with love of man to man.

Apart form our family members, friends, etc. We should learn to be loving and caring towards others people and animals too. We should feel the pains and sorrows of the society, we should respect other people’s views and live in peaceful co- existence.Let us learn about Florence Nightingale whose selfless love brightened many lives.

The Story :

Florence Nightingale, lovingly known as ‘Lady with the lamp,’was a celebrated English social reformer, statistician and the founder of modern nursing. Florence was born on May 12,1820, at Florence,Tuscany. At the age of 23, she told her family that she wanted to become a nurse. Since she belonged to a wealthy Victorian background and nursing was associated with working class women, her father objected to her joining nursing. It took him another 7-8 years to finally allow Florence to join nursing.

Florence studied nursing at the institute of Protestant Deaconess in kaiserwerth-am- Rhein in Germany. she Started visiting hospitals. When the Crimean war began and the British troops started becoming victims of cholera and malaria, Florence was sent to an army hospital at Turkey. She was surprised to see the dirty condition of the hospital. Soldiers were in dirty uniforms, no blankets were there, no proper medicine were there and the injured soldiers were not even properly fed. She realised that more soldiers died due to cholera, typhoid and dysentery than from battle wounds. Nightngale’s career in the Crimean war was an epic of heroic patience and compassion. she carried out her duties with such efficiency that the death rate in the army hospital fell by 40% in four months. She often worked for 20 hours a day without a break, supervising every detail of the insanitary and evil-smelling barrack hospital. She visited the wards alone every night with a lamp in hand,to comfort the wounded men . The scene has been told by Longfellow in his poem ‘santa Filomena’:

A lady with a lamp I see
Pass through the glimmering gloom
And flit room to room.
On England’s annals through the long
Hereafter of her speech and song
That light it’s rays shall cast
From portal of the past.
A lady with a lamp shall stand
In the great history of the land
A noble type of good
Heroic womanhood.

Florence reported about the pathetic condition of the hospital to the higher authorities which brought fame to her . A Nightingale Fund ‘ for training nurses was created which enabled to establish the Nightingale Training school at St. Thomas Hospital, London, for ‘ invalid Gentleman’. Therafter , she devoted herself entirely towards developing nursing as a profession.
Later in life , Florence caught Crimean fever and lay on the brink of death in a hospital at Balaclava. She was confined to bed in her sick room for the last 30 years of her life before passing away on August (1883) and the order of merit (1907).

Moral of The Story :

God dwells in every individual. When you serve your fellow- beings, you serve lord. Be fully aware that the best way to serve God is by loving and serving the follow- beings. When you are caring, kind and helpful towards others, you develop a long-lasting loving relationship. Moreover, be empathetic towards others. Always remember – Empathy is a tool for building people into groups,for allowing us to function as more than self – obsessed individuals.

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