Responsibility is needed.

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Introduction :

Always remember that the two most important internal motivators are recognition and responsibility. What is recognition? It simply means being appreciated; being treated with respect and dignity; and feeling a sense of belonging. Responsibility gives a person a feeling of belonging and ownershiop. He/ She then become the part of the bigger picture. And lack of responsibility is demotivating. Recognition is external because it originates from outside. But responsibility is internal as it originates from within.

The Story :

There was a lady named Jill who was living in a small city. She used to work as a customer service representative in a small company. She had been on the job for six years,a relatively long time in a job that had a high turnover rate. Jill liked her job so much. She liked talking with customers and being a problem solver. What she didn’t like was the fact that most of the other customer service reps, who had been there less than two years, were on equal footing with her. Jill was frustrated and discouraged that many of the other reps were not willing to listen to her suggestions. When they did have a problem, they would go to the manager for help even though the manager didn’t have the front-line experience that Jill did.

The manager began to notice that while Jill’s performance wasn’t bad, it wasn’t as good as it had been, and Jill no longer seemed to be happy with her job. The manager didn’t want to lose such a valuable employee. So he decided to give Jill a raise. But Jill’s attitude towards job didn’t change. While more money is always nice, what Jill was looking for was respect. When the manager finally spent some time talking with Jill and discovered the source of her dissatisfaction. The manager gave Jill the title of supervisor. And all the other reps were told that all problems were to go through Jill. Jill’s increased responsibility fueled her need for respect and her performance immediately improved.

Moral of The Story :

So the moral of the story is monetary reward are temporary and short lived. They are not gratifying in the long run. In contrast, seeing and idea being implemented can be emotionally gratifying by itself. People feel that they are not being treated like objects. They feel part of a worthwhile team. The reward of doing the right thing by itself is motivating.

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